​​1. Durango Resources Inc.- symbol TSX - DGO   OTCBB- ATOXF ground adjacent on east and west to TSX-GTT new high grade gold discovery in BC, 10/10 holes hit gold announed July 25, 2017, acquires 2 million ounce silver project,ground adjacent 2 new Canadian gold discoveries and adjacent Nemaska Lithium World's next Lithium Mine with pegmatites mapped, Ground surrounded by Osisko in Windfall Lake Gold Camp, 2 offers for ground. Gold Projects     $0.035CDN  (08/16 $0.095) (08/12/16 $0.055)

2. Albemarle Corporation- symbol NYSE - ALB 

$49.01US (08/16 $84.17) (08/12/16 $92.00+)

3. Nemaska Lithium Inc.- symbol TSX -NMX   OTCBB- NMKEF $1.9Billion NPV on Lithium proposed mine   $0.46CDN  (08/16 $1.17)

​4. Tesla Motors-  NASDAQ symbol - TSLA

$211.00US  (08/16 $234.79)

5. Westminster Resources - symbol TSX- WMR

acquires ground adjacent Hidden Lake Lithium

deposits in Northwest territories, discovers Lithium bearing pegmatites, assays over 2.6% Li2O, neighbour on small 2km by 2km ground with historic deposits announced will be drilling, WMR other ground on strike  from Ann Reid Lake Lithium deposit. $0.04CDN (02/17)

6. FMC Corp., NYSE-FMC, announced deal to purchase 8000 tonnes of Lithium Carbonate from T.NMX, deliverable in 2018, very aggressive mining company, with TSX-DGO, adjacent and now FMC in the play---anything can happen.

7. Resolve Ventures  TSX-RSV ground in JV southwest of NYSE-ALB producing Lithium mine in Nevada Clayton Valley, Lithium Brine situation. Acquired 100% of historic non 43-101 porphyry copper deposit in New Brunswick, 20+ million tons with 1+million supergene zone,drilled in 1970's by Falconbridge, Phelps Dodge, Bethlehem Copper. Announced reviewing acquisition of Osisko Windfall Lake ground, map of Nevada ground below.

​​A. Goldrea Resources - OTC-GORAF Canadian Stock Exchange symbol  GOR announces LOI on ground adjacent OSISKO WINDFALL Lake Gold Camp and 2 kilometers from DURANGO, TSX-DGO. GOR owns Lithium prospect in Quebec.
B. Alchemist Canadian Stock Exchange symbol AMS
Closes deals on ground adjacent Osisko Windfall Lake Gold camp and ground adjacent TSX-BTR - TSX-DGO windfall lake Trove ground. Other Gold Projects. $0.05

TWITTER ---- TWTR    Trading at $20 range, higher traffic volumes due to President Trump daily, multi postings, should reflect in ad sales, business combination possibilities.

TSX-HMX owned by American who owns 80+% of company, asset in Argentina bought from COEUR resumed production January 2017, and announces 200,000+ Silver ounces and 200+ Gold ounces produced first half of 2016--- cryptic news, but produced real ounces, $0.17.

T.HBM  Hudbay Minerals, Zinc Producer based in Canada several mining deals announced past few weeks with juniors, cash from operations for exploration, trading $8.50 range.

T.TV Trevali announced 07/21/2017 130+ million pounds of Zinc produced in Q2, top zinc production.

TSX-GTT--- 10/10 drill holes hit " NEW HIGH GRADE GOLD DISCOVERY in BC" in area of copper-gold MINE, US geological survey open file 2008-1321 describes how in USA and CHILE gold and polymetallic gold rich deposits can occur around the copper-gold porphyry deposits. 30km southeast is Imperial Metals RED CHRIS copper-gold mine, a huge porphyry copper deposit discovered in 2012. TSX-DGO adjacent to west and east and TSX-GTT announced discovery open to West and East, could be a huge gold deposit system! see the page dedicated here 



--TSX-GGi and TSX-DGO map below, TSX-DGO news adjacent TSX-GGi out

---TSX-GGi announces more holes with mineralization extends to East, Northeast and southeast with TSX-DGO fraction due East and covers the East Southeast and NE

---TSX-DGO acquires Historic gold in holes discovery in Timmins Ontario, 5km north of Timmins, drill hole discovery in 1973 6+g/t across 1+ meter, shallow

------TSX-GGi Sprott finances, awaiting drill results on large intercept

---TSX-GTT announces more gold results in drill holes, zones expand, including new zone to north, TSX-DGO to west, east, and north, and fractions to south

----TSX-DGO crew enroute to grounds adjacent TSX-GTT where 18/20 holes have hit gold zone.

--TSX-DGO news out,fractions adjacent TSX-GGi TO THE EAST, TSX-GGi recent news was mineralization discovered in drilling to east

--TSX-GGi news out, 176 meters of mineralization hit, no assays yet, TSX-DGO with fractions just east and NNE of discovery and historic deposit GGi announces new drilled discovery is eastwards of historic deposit and extends eastward significantly.

------TSX-DGO acquires Fractonal claims adjacent GTT to west and south of discovery area, GTT 10/10 drill holes on first area, 8/10 drill holes 2nd area, both for gold

---TSX-GTT news out more gold, TSX-DGO adjacent and due east and south looking at fractions

--------------TSX-DGO announces also pinpointing fraction claims due west of GTT discovery area, adjacent to GTT

---TSX-GTT halted 8/30/3017, TSX-DGO adjacent to NORTH, EAST and WEST of GTT, which announced july 27, discovery open to East and West

---TSX-DGO closes deal on historic gold in holes drilled in early 1970's, 250+ metres apart in Timmins gold camp, 30km NW of Dome mine, 23+ million ounce gold produced

---TSX-GGI  announces drilling of deposit to commence, TSX-DGO with fractions to EAST and NNE, TSX-GGI announces drilling to EAST and West

----------------------TSX-GTT closes $5 million financing

----TSX-DGO additional ground to east and west of TSX-GTT

---TSX-DGO adjacent TSX-GTT to east and west and north, TSX-GTT zone open to east and west, 10/10 holes hit "new high grade gold discovery"

-----------T.OSK news drills 2m of 379g/t gold at Windfall, TSX-BTR, TSX-DGO, CSE-AMS with ground adjacent T-OSK

---TSX-DGO adjacent to TSX-GGI to EAST AND NNE of E and L Ni deposit, map below, TSX-MTS also adjacent to TSX-DGO SW, TSX-GGI announced new Ni Cu Co discovery

-TSX-DGO adjacent to TSX-CXO KSP project and TSX-GGI new Ni Cu Co discovery,  TSX-CXO financed for $7.2million by T-G for project

------TSX-DGO dewatering historic non 43-101 2 million ounce silver occurrence in Saskatchewan, Lear Capital projecting silver to $200/ounce

--TSX-NMX continues expanding new Lithium zone at Lithium mine towards east, towards TSX-DGO where simple grabs from pegmatites returned Lithium in 2016

- TSX-NMX announces 90.8meters averaging 1.49% Li2O at whabouchi mine new Doris zone that is open to east to TSX-DGO ground where Li in pegmatites discovered in 2016

-----------T.HBM reports Q2 earnings $25+million

----TSX-DGO acquires ground adjacent on EAST and WEST of GTT which reported new high grade discovery open laterally BOTH east and west, also adjacent GTT to North

--------------CSE-AMS reveiwing acquisition of ground adjacent TSX-DGO and TSX-GTT

---TSX-GTT new high grade gold discovery follows US geological Survey paper on porphyry copper-gold deposits that gold deposits found near the porphyry deposits

-----------------------------------TSX-GTT announces new gold discovery in BC all holes upto July 25 reported as intersecting gold zone

-----TSX-DGO negotating on Timmins Gold claims, Prospectors discover historic exploratory shaft sealed, pic below

-----TSX-DGO booth 211 Aug,24-26 San Francisco Money Show- with talk- Junior exploration in Trump Presidency

------------TSX-BTR announces drilling extends south zone of Gladiator Deposit to depth 3.8meters averaging 12.0g/t Gold,3 meters of 21.5g/t gold,

----TSX-HMX announces 200,000+ Silver ounces produced and 200+ Gold ounces produced first half 2017

------CSE-FDM announces new analytics, CEO Holm states taking FDM to next level  ,

-----------US Navy showcases Laser Weapon, instantaneous light speed demobilization, TSX-DGO rare earths and zeolites

-------Q-NFLX 32+% revenue growth, over 104 million subscribers on released Q2 financials

---------TSX-DGO negotiating historic gold results in drill holes in Timmins, 30Km NW of 23+ million ounce historic production Dome Mine

-----CSE-FDM announces Henri Holm as CEO, app listed

--------TSX-DGO announces quarry pit mining at TSX-ABR zeolite mine, moving due west towards TSX-DGO ground

---TSX-iMT announces reviewing rare earth projects due to Trump Energy Department initiative, and a gold project

----TSX-DGO announces crew on site on zeolite adjacent and covering TSX-ABR zeolite mine

-------TSX-ABR zeolite proven to hold cannabis growing nutrients, TSX-DGO with ground covering the TSX-ABR mine lease, announced 02-17-2017

------------------Q-AVAV breaks earnings forecast, new 52 week highs US$38+

----TSX-iMT discussions with new management groups, stock price ruptured to new $0.015 low

------------CSE-MYM big market moves, with several medicinal cannabis marketing terms and facilities in Quebec

---TSX-DGO talks with two cement makers to advance only Limestone project near proposed LNG export facilities and tidewater for export to USA
-----------------------CSE-FDM releases app on Apple Store

------Trump Energy Department reviewing rare earths recoverability from coal, push to reduce dependency on China rare earths

--------------TSX-DGO with historic rare earths in Canada

-----T.NMX announces $50 million bought deal financing at $1.05, TSX-DGO adjacent with Li bearing pegmatites, drill targets

---CSE-FDM announces BETA app version to be released and crypto-currency coins winnable for exchange of products

--------------TSX-DGO closes $260,000+ financing at 6 cents.

----TSX-BTR closing $12.9 MILLION bought deal financing at $0.50 per share.

------TSX-DGO board closing 6 cent canadian private placement with board and other exemption, with warrant

----T-NMX announces patents approved

----TSX-DGO announces attendance at Vegas Money Show, President TRUMP great for markets, reviewing TIMMINS gold prospect for possible deal

--------------------------------TSX-DGO closing 10 cent financing with 12 cent warrant at Vegas Money Show

---TSX-DGO announces land packages adjacent T-OSK, and a few Km from T-OSK windfall lake discoveries, and just south of Black Dog and TSX-BTR

----------------CSE-GOR representatives at Vegas Money show with historic anomalous gold in drill hole south of TSX-DGO, adjacent T-OSK in Windfall Lake

--TSX-BTR announces more Windfall Lake Gladiator gold results, new discovery zones, 6 drill rigs drilling

----------------------TSX-DGO with 1.5 million shares of TSX-BTR, TSX-DGO reviewing historic gold intercepts projects while at Las Vegas Money Show

--------TSX-BTR trading, 05-15, at 52 week highs, 6 drill rigs drilling the past 40 days at Windfall Lake Gold Camp

-----CSE-FDM trading at 52 week highs, a 4 bagger to date.

--NYSE-ALB announces $0.32 quarterly dividend,trading over $112, new 52 week high

------------AAPL becomes first company valued over US$800 Billion, recommended at $96.96, NYSE-ALB recommended at $49.01 recently over $110

---TSX-BTR President visiting one of 6 drilling programs in Windfall Lake gold camp, TSX-DGO ground deal with TSX-BTR, CSE-AMS adjacent

-----T-NMX first payment for Lithium shipment from Johnson Matthey, TSX-DGO adjacent ground T-NMX expanded new Lithium Zone towards TSX-DGO

------TSX-DGO announces dewatering permit for historic trenches on Saskatchewan Silver prospect

-----------------------CSE-FDM  announces part owner of Canadian Football League Ottawa redblacks as Director plus private placement investor

----TSX-DGO and TSX-BTR makes first payment to TSX-DGO for windfall lake trove property

------------TSX-RSV  TSX approval of Windfall Lake Gold camp project

--Gold Bull McEwen predicts $5,000 per ounce gold

--------Canada set to legalize recreational marijuana possession and personal marijuana growing----TSX-DGO positioned with grow minerals

-TSX-BTR agreement to acquire TSX-DGO Trove prospect in Windfall Lake Approved by TSX

=======================TSX-MTO founders retired replaced by Sprott Securities heavy weights

---TSX-DGO  receives CFIA notification that DGO Limestone exempt from registration policy, now seeking Medical Marijuana industry and Agricultural markets

-------------------TSX-RSV partners to commence drilling on ground southwest of NYSE-ALB Lithium mine

------TSX-DGO seeks Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approval for Limestone as fertilizer and supplement additive

----------TSX-PST announces receives $750,000 from Rio Tinto remaining $4.25million to be paid by January 2020, plus additional at least $1.5million

---------------------TSX-MTO Halted, Sprott securities new director appointees announced prior to HALT, see claim map image below, TSX-RSV TO WEST OF TSX-MTO

---TSX-RSV acquires ground in Windfall Lake gold camp

---------TSX-DGO sells a Windfall Lake project for cash and stock to TSX-BTR

=====-TSX-RSV  OTC=RLSiF announces 8 cent private placement

---------------TSX-BTR $5 million financing from Kinross for Windfall Lake gold camp exploration, $13 million financing in early March for Windfall Lake Gold camp exploration

-----TSX-RSV  OTC-RLSiF, company few km east of Neptune Lithium brine project, reported test water flow successful, results to be revealed  in a PEA

---------------=TSX-RSV  new copper acqusition written up by Geological Survey of Canada, 1989, 21+ million tons grading 0.18% copper

==TSX-RSV ground SW of NYSE-ALB, acquires Porphyry Copper prospect in New Brunswick, announces reviewing acqusiition of Osisko Windfall Lake area ground.

---------T.NMX announces 6+% Li2O returns in milling concentrates, TSX-DGO adjacent to east, 1.2km from center of open pit

--TSX-RSV  Resolve Resources, evaluating ground adjacent OSISKO WINDFALL LAKE GOLD, strategically located ground

-------------------------TSX-DGO gold specialist reports humus anomlaous gold and VLF-EM conductors that extend SW-NE on ground see news

--CSE-GOR, OTC-GORAF, historic 1999  drilling 41 of 42 samples ranging from 0.5 meters to 1.0 meter length anomalous 24 to 262ppb gold, same geology as Windfall Lake

-------------TSX-DGO historic sample results with anomalous gold and silver from Tonalite sample in 1988, Osisko Malartic Mine also has Tonalite

 -------NYSE-TAHO reports $117.87 million earnings

--------TSX-DGO  recent Zeolite acqusition, Zeolite used in laser weapon technology, US NAVY to install more Laser Weapons on ships

----MARCH 2, Osisko jettisons BFD directors, opinion on TSX-DGO insider report--- stale orders not cancelled by broker--- great buy since was first day start of run cheap

--- --OTC-GORAF  to close LOI and sign agreement on ground 2km from DURANGO TSX-DGO boundary and adjacent OSISKO WINDFALL LAKE GOLD

-------------------------TSX-DGO mentioned in Canaccord Genuity Morning Coffee newsletter March 2, 2017

---------------TSX-DGO offered more ground in OSISKO WINDFALL LAKE GOLD CAMP

-------CSE-GOR  OTC-GORAF GOLDREA announces LOI to acquire ground adjacent OSISKO WINDFALL LAKE GOLD CAMP, and 2 kilometers from DURANGO, TSX-DGO

-----====TSX-DGO  top trader TSX by Volume feb. 27....17.6 million shares ...announces adopts advance notice for AGM announcements

----NYSE-ALB announces record earnings and increased dividend

-----------CSE-AMS Alchemist, announces LOI for ground adjacent OSISKO in WINDFALL Lake Gold Camp

---TSX-DGO top volume trader TSX, 23.6 million shares

-===TSX-DGO receives unsolicited offer from Osisko for ground in TSX-BFD, TSX-BTR, T.OSK Windfall Lake GOLD play Quebec

----TSX-DGO announces acquisition of Zeolite, Perlite deposit, Bentonite historic mine, overstakes Zeolite Mining Lease

---TSX-WMR reviewing petro Lithium brines for acquisition, see map below, one permit covers historic 84ppm Li result from 2010

------TSX-NiP fragmentation mining application, as per video below

----TSX-DGO surrounded 3 sides by OSISKO Mining, $52 million announced bought financing 02-06-2017, TSX-BFD adjacent TSX-DGO $6 million bought financing 02/09.

-------T.NMX releases update with video on Lithium mine progress, ,  TSX-DGO, TSX-GTG and TSX-JCi.H adjacent

---Snapchat files $3 billion IPO, symbol NYSE - SNAP

----TSX Listed DGO announces planning drill program adjacent T-NMX on east boundary of T-NMX

---T.NMX announces drilling to start March 2017 to extend new deposit zone to EAST, TSX-DGO adjacent to EAST with Lithium bearing pegmatites

-------T.NMX announces details on new parallel Lithium zone discovered, 80.7m average 1.4% Li2O, TSX-DGO adjacent

-----TSX-DGO announces targeting marijuana industry with Limestone project, trademarks introduced Kush Bloom and Ever Bloom

---C.EVI announces historic gold mine acquisition, with 1970's surface chip sample across 106 meters averaging 1.5 grams per tonne GOLD

--- NYSE-FMC signs deal with T.NMX to supply 8000 tonnes per year of Lithium Carbonate beginning 2018

-TSX-DGO with discovered Lithium bearing pegmatites adjacent T.NMX, and T.NMX, German publication buy recommendations

----NETFLIX beats street predictions

---------Paris Climate Agreement to take effect November 4, 2016 

-TSX-JCi.H acquires ground adjacent T.NMX proposed Lithium Mine, adjacent on west about 2km from proposed open pit

-TSX-DGO with Limestone projects with historic resources near PETRONAS LNG proposed $11 Billion LNG export project in BC, approved by Canadian government, project will need equivalent concrete to build 7 empire state buildings

---T.NMX new Lithium discovery adjacent proposed Lithium open pit mine viewable at this link

------T.NMX continues to discover new zones of Lithium bearing pegmatites out from the proposed open pit, small land position, Archean geology means largest Lithium deposits in world, V.DGO adjacent announced new pegmatites discovered, awaiting results, possible takeover target

-------V.WMR discovers Lithium bearing pegmatites assays as high as 2.6% Li02, beside Highway

V-DGO announces More Pegmatites discovered adjacent T.NMX, V-DGO attempting to find Lithium bearing pegmatites

-----T.TMR receives mine permit, gold mine

----C.AMS announced option on 70% of GTG ground NW of NMX proposed open pit Lithium mine

---DGO announced results soon from first phase work on NMX open pit, surrounding ground, focuses on fact NMX hitting Lithium near surface in new zones away from previous open pit outline

-----NMX announces more Lithium at world's next Lithium mine in discovery with discovery in drill holes, to southwest of deposit.

---TSX-DGO announces 400+g/t silver assays on silver project, finds new gold showings also

---TSX symbol AMY, proprietary metallurgical process extracts 100% Li and Co in first trial for Li ion battery recycling

-----Cenk Uygur Predicts Donald Trump Will Win Election 279-259 July 31, 2016

--USA TODAY -- Election 2016 is over. Trump won: David Mastio July 31, 2016

Nemaska Lithium announces 07/28/16 22/22 holes hit spodumene (Lithium mineral) east of deposit towards Durango ground

DURANGO Resources acquires Quebec silver prospect 22.0% SILVER historic sample, 1.886g/t gold

Nemaska Lithium to trade on TSX exchange completes offering

Nemaska Lithium announces $50 million prospectus offering to finance World's next Lithium Mine

​Nemaska announces Feasibility study release

Nemaska announces Lithium supply deal with Johnson Matthey

Durango, TSX-DGO, OTC-ATOXF, $265,000 first tranche at 20 cent private placement announced

Durango announces claims adjacent Nemaska TSX-NMX, mapped pegmatites, the Lithium bearing ore

Nemaska TSX-NMX announces purchase of mill for mine, TSX-DGO AND TSX-GTG ADJACENT

Durango TSX-DGO, OTC-ATOXF, past work adjacent NYSE-TAHO till samples upto 15.0g/t Gold

Durango TSX-DGO, OTC-ATOXF acquires 2 million ounce silver project

Goldman Sacs December 2, 2015 "Lithium is the new gasoline"

***Apple hired a Google inventor who had been working on electric-vehicle charging

**BMO Looks For Gold To Hit $1,400/Oz, Silver Near $21   Thursday May 12, 2016 11:20

--TSX-DGO adjacent TSX-GTT to east and west and north, TSX-GTT zone open to east and west, 10/10 holes hit "new high grade gold discovery"


A. BONTERRA Resources ---- TSX-BTR
Extends deposit 1.2km length and  1km depth, extends 2 new zones 500 meters and to depth of 700 meters (07/20/17).

$5 million financing from Kinross, $13 million financing previously for Windfall Lake Gold Camp projects, Gladiator Deposit in Windfall Lake Gold Camp 43-101 inferred reserves 907,000 tonnes average 9.37g/t, more land acquired, well funded, Osisko financed a portion of exploration. Bonterra less than 2 kilometers from Osisko Black Dog discovery in Windfall Lake, and adjacent to the Black Dog discovery.

B. Osisko Gold Royalties NYSE-OR, T.OR, owns two large gold mines in Quebec, one the Malartic was discovered as lower grade between many former gold mines, production cash flow is so generous that company been on an investing tear since January 2017.

C. Osisko Mining T.OSK, exploration arm of Osisko Royalties with several gold deposits, most intriguing is Windfall Lake where dewatering to commence and new gold zones identified and constant news flow of results with $80 million+ financing in March 2017, TSX-DGO adjacent and TSX-RSV.

1. TMAC- TSX symbol TMR, huge Hope Bay Gold deposit, mining operation

2.American Manganese- TSX symbol AMY - Proprietary metallurgical process to extract Li and Co from old Lithium ion batteries, first trial extracted 100% Li and Co. CDN$0.10 (08/12/16 $0.24)

3.Hi Ho Silver- CSE symbol HHS- gold prospects, and Nickel and Cobalt prospects in Voiseys Bay Newfoundland, and gold and silver prospects in BC values upto 11g/t gold and 38g/t silver. CDN$0.005

4. Metanor Resources-  TSX symbol- MTO   OTCBB- MEAOF new gold discovery south of its gold mine operation. Eric Sprott or Sprott Securities announced March 12, 2016, purchase of 7 million shares through TSX. Ground in Osisko Windfall Lake Gold Camp, including gold deposit, Sprott $7 million financing announced Feb. 15, 2017 

$0.03CDN  (08/16 $0.095)

5. Fiserv  - NASDAQ symbol -  FISV  

$87.53US  (08/16 $110.36)

6. APPLE - NASDAQ symbol- AAPL  

$96.96US  (08/16 $104.21)

7. Lake Shore Gold/ Tahoe Resources INC. - NYSE symbol TAHO gold producer and new gold discovery near gold mine and in historic Timmins gold district, nearby mine produced 18.0+ million ounces of gold. (08/16 $15.56)

​8. FANDOM SPORTS - CSE symbol FDM . DJ Skee involvement and sports app. $0.10 Canadian Securities Ex. Adds Canadian Football League Ottawa redblacks part owner as director and private placee (04/27/17).

9. Aerovironment -- Q-AVAV   electric vehicle charging stations

​10. NETFLIX ----- Q-NFLX  studio locations worldwide, new original content, price increase of $2 per month. (08/12/16 $125.00+)

11. FORTIS ------ NYSE FTS   $11Billion merger, LNG energy, alternative energy possibilities.

​12. SOLAR CITY---- Q-SCTY Q-TSLA  solar energy sales force, has programs interfacing energy firms transmission with solar sales, solar farm capability, after Nov. 4 Paris Agreement effective, increased interest in solar farm energy, acquired by TESLA.

13. Comcast  ----- Q-CMCSA--- increased dividend and stock split, big wide entertainment net.

14. SNAP Inc --- Z- SNAP   snap chat app is main product, widely used, attempting to monetize

15. Pistol Bay Mining ----- TSX-PST  Several Zinc Deposits in Ontario with historic Zinc values. Rio Tinto buying Uranium property for $5 million plus PST retains net royalty, Uranium ground in Saskatchewan, news announced January 2013, has to be paid within 5 years, has not been paid as yet

Congratulations President Donald J. TRUMP